Misfit Co
  • Disgustingly Creative.

    Misfit Productions is an award-winning boutique studio handcrafting independent films for misfits, outcasts and general riff-raff around the world.

  • We empower the rebellious.

    We are a young and scrappy studio working with creative partners to tell stories that actually matter. From Los Angeles and London to Cape Town and Tehran, our portfolio of projects is as delightfully diverse as the filmmakers we work with. We produce scripted and non-scripted work, and have an in-house animation studio working on everything from British adult animated series to full length Latin American social documentaries.

  • A very short list of just some of the amazing productions we’re involved with.

    Post Production

    • Your Move (london) 
    • Pearl Extraction (NYC) 
    • Face to the Sun (global) 
    • Lavender Heights (cape town) 


    • Abogan (cape town) 
    • The Old Man (havana)
    • The Critical Hour (london) 


  • If you are looking for a standard partner, for the love of God, please don’t contact us.

    We work with weirdos, non-conformists and eccentrics around the world that have an important story to tell, and a crystal clear vision as to why it needs to be told. If you’ve got a one of a kind project that you think Misfit would be the perfect partner for, please email us at hello@misfit.co.

  • Yes, oh yes, we literally do everything.

    Misfit Productions is an independent company wholly owned and operated by Misfit, a gloriously eclectic collection of businesses and social enterprises spread across the planet. We build, invest in and manage companies with a heart beat.